Sulzer Mixpac Quadro Static Mixer New Part numbers

The table below is for easy cross reference of old and new numbers. Included in the list are all A System, B System, C System and F system static mixers.

Also listed are Quadro products which are no longer designated by 6 digit numbers. Quadro static mixers fall into the MCQ, MAQ and MGQ series.

Detailed Mixpac static mixer (nozzle) information can be found at:

MAH, MA series:

MAHX, MX series:

MAQ series:

MCH, MC series:

MCHX, MCX series:

ME series:

MS series:

MRS, MR series:

Old Part No. New Part No.
Static Mixers - Sulzer Quadro Series
300-002 MCQ 05-24L
300-006 MCQ 07-24T
300-026 MAQ 05-24L
300-028 MAQ 05-16L
300-341 MCQ 07-24T-12
300-364 MGQ 10-19D-21
300-375 MCQ 08-32T
300-377 MCQ 10.7-32T
300-385 MCQ 10-24T-24
300-391 MAQ 05-16L-12
300-403 MAQ 05-24L-12
300-405 MAQ 05-16L-13
300-408 MGQ 10-19A
300-415 MGQ 10-24T-12
300-43 MCQ 10-24T-14
300-453 MGQ 08-20T
300-455 MCQ 08-24T
300-461 MGQ 08-24T
300-466 MGQ 08-24D-12
300-491 MAQ 05-16L-01
300-494 MGQ 10-19D-11
300-496 MCQ 10-24T-01
300-497 MGQ 10-24D
MBQ 5.3-16-SPE MBQ 05-16L
MBQ 5.3-24-SPE MBQ 05-24L
MBQX 5.3-16-S MBQX 05-16L
MBQX 5.3-24-S MBQX 05-24L
MFQ 10.7-24 MFQ 10-24T
MFQ 5.3-16 MFQ 05-16L
MFQ 5.3-24 MFQ 05-24L
MFQ 7.5-24 MFQ 07-24T
MFQ 8.7-24 MFQ 08-24T
MFQX 10.7-24 MFQX 10-24T
MFQX 5.3-16 MFQX 05-16L
MFQX 5.3-24 MFQX 05-24L
MFQX 7.5-24 MFQX 07-24T
MFQX 8.7-24 MFQX 08-24T
Static Mixers - Sulzer MA Series
MA 0517-0413 MAH 0517-0413T
MA 3.0-07-S MAH 03-07S
MA 3.0-13-S MAH 03-13S
MA 3.0-17-S MAH 03-17S
MA 4.0-13-D MAH 04-13D
MA 4.0-13-S MAH 04-13S
MA 4.0-17-D MAH 04-17D
MA 4.0-17-S MAH 04-17S
MA 5.4-07-S MAH 05-07T
MA 5.4-13-D MAH 05-13D
MA 5.4-13-S MA 5.4-13-S
MA 5.4-13-S MAH 05-13T
MA 5.4-17-S MAH 05-17T
MA 5.4-21-S MAH 05-21T
MA 6.3-12-D MAH 06-12D
MA 6.3-12-S MAH 06-12T
MA 6.3-17-S MAH 06-17T
MA 6.3-21-L MAH 06-21L
MA 6.3-21-S MAH 06-21T
Static Mixers - Sulzer MB Series
MB 3.2-12-D MBH 03-12D
MB 3.2-12-S MBH 03-12S
MB 3.2-16-D MBH 03-16D
MB 3.2-16-L MBH 03-16L
MB 3.2-16-S MBH 03-16S
MB 4.2-12-D MBH 04-12D
MB 4.2-16-D MBH 04-16D
MB 4.2-16-S MBH 04-16S
MB 5.4-06-S MBH 05-06T
MB 5.4-12-D MBH 05-12D
MB 5.4-14-D MBH 05-14D
MB 5.4-16-S MBH 05-16T
MB 5.4-20-S MBH 05-20T
MB 6.5-11-D MBH 06-11D
MB 6.5-16-S MBH 06-16-T
MB 6.5-20-S MBH 06-20T
MB 7.5-11-D MBH 07-11D
MB 7.5-11-D MBH 07-11D
MBX 3.2-16-S MBHX 03-16S
MBX 4.2-16-D MBHX 04-16D
MBX 4.2-16-S MBX 4.2-16-S
MBX 5.4-12-D MBHX 05-12D
MBX 5.4-16-S MBHX 05-16T
MBX 5.4-20-S MBHX 05-20T
MBX 6.5-16-D MBHX 06-16D
MBX 6.5-16-S MBHX 06-16T
MBX 6.5-20-S MBHX 06-20T
Static Mixers - Sulzer MC Series
MC 05-18 MCH 05-18T
MC 05-24 MCH 05-24T
MC 05-32 MCH 05-32T
MC 06-18 MCH 06-18T
MC 06-24 MCH 06-24T
MC 06-32 MCH 06-32T
MC 08-18 MCH 08-18T
MC 08-24 MCH 08-24T
MC 08-32 MCH 08-32T
MC 1008-12-T MCH 1008-12S
MC 1008-18-A MCH 1008-18S
MC 1008-18-T MCH 1008-18S
MC 10-18 MCH 10-18T
MC 10-20-A MCH 10-20D
MC 10-24 MCH 10-24T
MC 10-24-A MCH 10-24D
MC 10-32 MCH 10-32T
MC 13-12 MCH 13-12T
MC 13-18 MCH 13-18T
MC 13-24 MCH 13-24T
MC 13-32 MCH 13-32T
MC 15-12-A MCH 15-12-30
MCX 08-18 MCHX 08-18T
MCX 08-24 MCHX 08-24T
MCX 10-12 MCHX 10-12T
MCX 10-18 MCHX 10-18T
MCX 10-24 MCHX 10-24T
MCX 13-12 MCHX 13-12T
MCX 15-12-A MCHX 15-12-30
Static Mixers - Sulzer ME Series
ME 05-24 ME 05-24T
ME 05-32 ME 05-32T
ME 06-24 ME 06-24T
ME 06-32 ME 06-32T
ME 06-48 ME 06-48T
ME 08-24 ME 08-24T
ME 08-32 ME 08-32T
ME 1012-0832 ME 1012-0832T
ME 10-24 ME 10-24T
ME 10-32 ME 10-32T
ME 1312-1032 ME 1312-1032T
ME 13-24 ME 13-24T
ME 13-24-L ME 13-24T-02
ME 13-32 ME 13-32T
ME 13-32-L ME 13-32T-02
MEF 06-24 MEF 06-24T
MEF 06-32 MEF 06-32T
MEF 08-24 MEF 08-24T
MEF 08-32 MEF 08-32T
MEF 10-24 MEF 10-24T
MEF 10-32 MEF 10-32T
MEF 13-18 MEF 13-18T
MEF 13-24 MEF 13-24T
MEFX 06-18 MEFX 06-18T
MEFX 08-18 MEFX 08-18T
MEFX 10-18 MEFX 10-18T
MEFX 13-18 MEFX 13-18T
MEFX 13-24 MEFX 13-24T
Static Mixers - Sulzer MF Series
MF 06-18 MFH 06-18T
MF 06-24 MFH 06-24T
MF 06-32 MFH 06-32T
MF 08-18 MFH 08-18T
MF 08-24 MFH 08-24T
MF 08-32 MFH 08-32T
MF 10-18 MFH 10-18T
MF 10-24 MFH 10-24T
MF 10-32 MFH 10-32T
MFX 06-18 MFHX 06-18T
MFX 06-24 MFHX 06-24T
MFX 06-32 MFHX 06-32T
MFX 08-18 MFHX 08-18T
MFX 08-24 MFHX 08-24T
MFX 08-32 MFHX 08-32T
MFX 10-18 MFHX 10-18T
MFX 10-24 MFHX 10-24T
MFX 10-32 MFHX 10-32T
MG 08-06 MGH 08-06S
Static Mixers - Sulzer MR Series
MR 06-12 MSR 06-12T
MR 08-12 MSR 08-12T
MR 10-12 MSR 10-12T
MR 13-12 MSR 13-12T
Static Mixers - Sulzer MS Series
MS 05-24 MS 05-24T
MS 05-32 MS 05-32T
MS 06-24 MS 06-24T
MS 06-32 MS 06-32T
MS 06-48 MS 06-48T
MS 06-56 MS 06-56D
MS 06-56-L MS 06-56-L
MS 08-24 MS 08-24T
MS 08-32 MS 08-32T
MS 1012-0832 MS 1012-0832T
MS 10-18 MS 10-18T
MS 10-24 MS 10-24T
MS 10-32 MS 10-32T
MS 1312-1032 MS 1312-1032T
NEW MS 13-12G
NEW MS 13-18G
MS 13-24 MS 13-24T
MS 13-24-L MS 13-24T-02
MS 13-32 MS 13-32T
MS 13-32-L MS 13-32T-02
MS 13-32-M MS 13-32G-01
Static Mixers - Sulzer MX Series
MX 0517-0413 MAHX 0517-0413
MX 3.0-17-S MAHX 3.0-17-S
MX 4.0-17-S MAHX 04-17S
MX 5.4-17-S MAHX 05-17T
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