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Nordson EFD u-TAH Cartridge System

The Two-Component Cartridge that fits in a Standard Caulking Gun

imageBrandywine offers the u-TAH™ Universal Cartridge System, which is a breakthrough in two-component cartridge design. The u-TAH Cartridge looks identical to standard caulking cartridges—you might not realize it is two-component until you begin to dispense your product. It is the only cartridge system that maintains accurate ratio control and fits into your existing 1/10th gallon or 310 ml standard caulking gun as well as tpneumatic and battery-powered caulking tools.

The cartridge body is molded of a rigid plastic making it ideal for even the most demanding applications. The interior components are fully assembled at the factory and each cartridge is air tested. This 100% factory-inspected process guarantees that the filled cartridge will maintain a superior shelf life and provide trouble-free application in the field.


  • 1:1 250 ml
  • 2:1 180 ml
  • 10:1 280 ml

Who's Using the u-TAH Cartridge

Today, a majority of adhesive manufacturers have switched or are planning to switch to our u-TAH™ Cartridge System. The u-TAH is uniquely suited for MRO, DIY, distribution through catalog sales, and for field applications where special dispensing guns are an obstacle to market penetration. Since their customers prefer the easy-to-use u-TAH, these manufacturers have begun replacing traditional Side x Side and Coaxial

u-TAH Cartridge Technology

Our patented u-TAH Cartridge stores one component in front of the other, but both are extruded through the cartridge outlet and into a static mixer simultaneously. The rear piston is stationary. As the inner can is pushed forward, the orange fluid is extruded into the center tube, through the cartridge outlet, and into the mixer. Simultaneously, the movable piston causes the blue fluid to be extruded through the cartridge outlet and into the mixer. The cartridge is available in 1:1 and 2:1 ratios with 10:1 ratio available soon. With the 2:1 cartridge, the stationary piston and inner can have a smaller diameter and cross section area.Take a look at our Technical Papers on the u-TAH for detailed specifics.

imageu-TAH™ Filling Procedures

TAH has developed these special proprietary equipment and techniques to perform the filling operation quickly and inexpensively and we have established engineering protocols with machinery suppliers worldwide. Contact us for additional information.

1:1 Volumetric Ratio

CK-800-01 Cut-Away Shows the interior of the 250 ml 1:1 u-TAH --
CK-800-01* 250 ml 1:1 Vented u-TAH Cartridge PP
CK-800-NV* COMING SOON 250 ml 1:1 Non Vented u-TAH Cartridge PP
CK-800-03* COMING SOON 250 ml 1:1 Vented u-TAH Cartridge Nylon/HDPE


image2:1 Volumetric Ratio

CK-820-01* 175 ml 2:1 Vented u-TAH Cartridge PP
CK-820-NV* COMING SOON 175 ml 2:1 Non-Vented u-TAH Cartridge PP


10:1 Volumetric Ratio

CK-870-01 280 ml 10:1 u-TAH Catridge Kit HDPE

Flow Restrictors For Low Viscosity Adhesives

To handle very low viscosity fluids, we recommend the use of our Flow Restrictor. Thin adhesives are often too flowing and can cause cross-contamination and lead/lag problem. Our low-cost Flow Restrictor eliminates these problems by slowing the thinner component's flow. TAH recommends usign the smallest orifice possible with these fluids.


PART NO. Orifice (in) COLOR
B-806-1 0.062 Transparent
B-806-2 0.092 Black


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