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Nordson EFD TAH 9 ml Micro Cartridge System

TAH cartridgeThe TAH 9 ml Micro Dispenser Cartridge System is designed for jobs requiring precise material placement, of small amounts of material such as temporary and permanent cements, resins, and sealants. This system is ideal for many applications including electronic and DIY markets. The system is made of polypropylene (PP) and is available in 1:1 ratio, 4.5 ml on each side. The 9 ml cartridge comes with a plug closure and retaining cap that minimizes cross contamination during filling and storage. and features a molded polyethylene (PE) plug. Adhesives that may be dispenses with this system include acrylics, silicones, epoxies, urethanes and others. Solid polypropylene pistons are available with either silicone or EPDM O-rings.



TAH cartridge
TAH cartridge
TAH cartridge

9 ml Cartridge – 1:1

BK-302-01* 9 ml 1:1 Sample Kit Black
BK-302-02* 9 ml 1:1 Sample Kit White
BS-302-01 Cartridge Body w/White Retainer (PP) & Plug (PE) Black
BS-302-02 Cartridge Body w/White Retainer (PP) & Plug (PE) White
B-113-01 Cartridge Body (PP) Black
B-113-02 Cartridge Body (PP) White
B-315-02 Piston (PP) with Silicon O-Ring White
B-315-03 Piston (PP) with EPDM O-Ring White
B-415-01 Retainer (PP) with Plug (PE) White
B-416-03 Retainer (PP) with Silicone Gasket White
B-604-01 Plunger (PP) Black
B-604-02 Plunger (PP) White

Cartridge Filling

To prevent air entrapment, a shim is required to fill the cartridge, allowing air to bleed past the pistons. Alternately, the pistons may be pre-inserted all the way into the barrels and the cartridge filled through the nose. With either method, the trapped air between the adhesive and piston will be properly vented. Consult our Technical Service or Sales Department for the availability of pistons with a bleed plug for this cartridge.

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